11 02 2021 – 01 03 2021 

Exhibition of Éva Andrea Szőcs

opens: Anna Szabó T. 

sings: Katalin Tarnai

The vernissage is live-streamed on FUGA Youtube channel


aaahhh for all the situations in which a little something is missing to attain the feminine ideal, aaahhh for all the times when we are almost unique, aaahhh for different stifled perspectives, aaahhh for shaken innocence, aaahhh for loneliness in two, aaahhh for self-annihilation, aaahhh for hidden wounds, aaahhh for lost hopes, aaahhh as an expression of stomachs void when the universe collapses, aaaahhh for discrimination, aaahhh for fake appearances, aaahhh for the unexpected shocks in life.

Andrea’s works reveal a special sensitivity, her visual constructions are subtle. Behind a simple, often compact, austere, minimalist image, where the clean line dominates, there are traces of carnality, of pulsating, warm human nature. An apparent detachment hides intense feelings. A compact, perfect monolithic covering hides acute emotional states, human imperfection, doubt, insecurity, desperation, or hope. ……She is a versatile artist, inspired by a self-reflexive and conceptual centered discourse, she expresses her art through extremely diverse media: ceramic, sculpture, video, objects, painting installation.

Dr. Ioana Savu Gruita, kurátor, művészettörténész