Ziegelried – Elemér Zalotay’s architectural experiment

18 05 2018 – 06 06 2018

18th May, 2018

Elemér ZALOTAY (1932, Szentes) is a strange and solitary figure in Hungarian architecture. His designs, which largely remained on paper, are valuable works of Hungarian architecture and architecture in general. He has been living in Switzerland since 1973, but he kept his Hungarian nationality. He is only known by a narrow circle of professionals, but nobody questions his genius. Foreign literature is finally beginning to recognize the significance of his unique oeuvre as well. His way of thinking is akin to Yona FRIEDMANN, also of Hungarian origin, and to Polish architect Oskar HANSEN.
Elemér ZALOTAY started building his own house in Ziegelried, Switzerland, in 1978, which is a notable example of green or recycling architecture. The house has been under monument protection since 1992. The survival of this house is now in jeopardy after he moved into an old people’s home in early 2017, and the house was left uninhabited. The lightweight structure needs regular renovation and continuous maintenance. The first step in the process was a comprehensive survey and documentation, which FUGA carried out between April 27 and May 1, 2018, with the help of invited specialists. In the chamber exhibition we present the results and experiences of our trip to Switzerland.

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