Towards the “30th Century” – Mistletoes (1977)

Judit Ember series / 4

6pm 4th November, 2017

László B. RÉVÉSZ, Lilla MÁTIS, Ibolya FEKETE

While Instructive Story tells the story of the adolescent “little” Nora, in Mistletoes she is already a mother, preparing for Christmas. The film is a lyrical analysis of behavioral patterns passed on from mother to daughter and female rivalry within a multi-generational family. Mistletoes follows Nora as she tries to cope with the challenges of adult life, including dealing with her own mother, “big” Nora, who won’t stop telling her what to do.

Judit EMBER made her legendary films for “the thirtieth century”. Her movies are exciting investigations into hushed-up stories and secrets. This event series commemorates the 10th anniversary of her death. The series includes movies that were once banned or only screened at private events; despite the bans, these movies eventually made it to the public, creating quite a phenomenon. After the screenings, we reminisce about the filmmaker with her friends and colleagues.

BBS, 87 min.

The event is free.

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