Eötvös József High School (Budapest) and KórházSuli
20 04 2018 – 30 04 2018

4:30pm 20th April, 2018

Opened by:
Ervin NAGY (actor)

This is the fourth joint exhibition organized by Eötvös József High School in Budapest and the KórházSuli hospital school program. In 2018, besides the students of Eötvös and the children healing in various hospitals of the country, guest artists included the kindergartners participating in Hogy Vagy Egyesület’s Mesecsoport program, children participating in the Amigos for Children charity program, as well as students of the Mozgásjavító Általános Iskola, Kincskereső Iskola and ELTE Gyertyánffy István Gyakorló Általános Iskola.
The creators were all inspired by the same topic, regardless of what school, kindergarten or hospital they are in. Through their joint creative activity, they helped each other heal and learn.

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