The ghost of Karl Marx, Saint Augustine’s confessions

Pliage Foundation and Fórum Publishing Company, 2018

11am 10th June, 2018

Forget the lies that have idolized or vilified MARX. “I’m not a Marxist,” he said in a distant manner. The flesh-and-blood Marx is not the same as the pale scientist of textbooks and encyclopedias. He has a thousand faces: satirical maverick, the rhetorical master who wrote about goods as “dancing tables”, “ghosts” and “money making money”, the prophet who predicted the collapse of the existing order, the radical critic of alienation and exploitation, the journalist who recognized the problems of his age, the poet of love, the economic theoretician, the passionate politician. His oeuvre is not a finished one, but a palimpsest, which is constantly rewritten. Sometimes as a philosophical book for children.

St. Augustine (354-430) – This is a story of returning to Faith. Augustine was a Manichean and a New Platonist before becoming a follower of Christ. As a rhetor, he let God speak to him, and he eventually became a North African bishop and the most important head of Western Christianity. In his teachings, the confessional deepening of the self, from the recollection of childhood and adolescence to the mourning of one’s mother, everything leads to the foundation of our existence, our Creator – and we can discover the eternal light, the source of grace within ourselves. ‘If I’m being deceived, then I exist,’ he said, way ahead of his time. Is it a coincidence, then, that the greatest philosophers of the 20th century all examined his works, including WITTGENSTEIN, ARENDT, JASPERS, LYOTARD and DERRIDA?

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