The Brand New Testament (2015) / Jaco VAN DORMAEL (dir.); Sylvie OLIVÉ (set designer)

Ansnitt Filmclub – City Set
Film-Virage Cultural Association

7pm 20th November, 2017

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God is alive, he lives in Brussels, and he even has a wife and a daughter. The sadistic Almighty regularly shuts himself up in his study to punish the inhabitants of the world he has created. His daughter, Ea (Jesus’ little sister), gets fed up with this and hacks into his father’s computer … The director of The Eighth Day and Mr. Nobody asks what we would do with our lives if we found out when we were going to die. The philosophical satire evokes the works of Luis BUÑUEL, Terry GILLIAM and Jean-Pierre JEUNET. DORMAEL mixes melancholia with biting satire. Sylvie OLIVÉ was awarded the European Film Award for Best Production Designer (former Felix Prize) for this film.

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Sponsor: National Cultural Fund of Hungary

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