Subway (1985) / Luc BESSON (dir.); Alexandre TRAUNER (set designer)

Ansnitt Filmclub – City Set
Film-Virage Cultural Association

7pm 6th November, 2017

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Luc BESSON is one of the most prolific directors of the cinematic genre called Cinema du Look, a term coined by Raphaël BASSAN. Metro is his second feature film. The directors named by BASSAN (CARAX, BEINEIX), who were raised on the American films, music videos and magazines, all prioritize visual aspects over the plot. The young BESSON chose Sándor TRAUNER, and old master of lyrical realism, to implement his vision, which he did by using both real locations and built sets. The story follows Fred (Christopher LAMBERT), who descends into the thrilling underworld of the subway system, running from the police, meeting strange figures, making plans. The crime thriller comedy evokes such movies as the French Connection and Breathless.

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Sponsor: National Cultural Fund of Hungary

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