Schéner: Toy/Plastic/Drawing

Meseház (Békéscsaba) and Schéner-legacy, 2017

6pm 16th February, 2018

Participants of the round-table discussion:
Katalin GOPCSA and Attila BRUNNER and Richárd KOSINSKY (art historian), Krisztina GYUCHÁNÉ VERES (artistic director / Meseház, Békéscsaba), Ildikó SCHÉNER

Improvisations to works by Mihály SCHÉNER:
Norbert KEREK (piano), Zoltán MAROSI (accordion), Sándor TÓTH (saxophone)

Mihály SCHÉNER (Medgyesegyháza, January 9, 1923 – Budapest, May 11, 2009) was a fine artist who worked in a range of genres. His works have been presented at numerous domestic and international exhibitions and have been awarded prizes. As a painter, his unique and imaginative works were influenced primarily by surrealism, expressionism, and pop art, but he also expressed himself through graphic art, books, public sculptures (Budapest, Békéscsaba, Dunaújváros), metal, wood, ceramics and textiles, as well as puppet and set designs. His figures, which posterity branded as toys, represent a lesser known segment of his work. Playfulness, as an essential attribute of the curious human spirit, is central to these works. This volume provides a chestful of his toys.

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