My memories – Europe and Asia 2014–2017

11 01 2018 – 02 16 2018

11th January, 2018

If you’re expecting sterile architectural photography, you will be disappointed by this exhibition.
“The photographer’s belief that everything around him is worth capturing is reaffirmed again and again. That’s why he is filled with emotions, thoughts, pictures, colors, and shapes no one else could fathom. It is his job, therefore, to capture and share his architectural vision. All of his pictures will be born of the constant struggle of coincidence and forethought.” Just as Lucien HERVÉ writes, I try to display my personal relationship to the buildings through these images rather than an objective reality. These – in the broader sense – architectural photos are my insights in a stratified form. I combine some building details, spaces and textures that I photographed at a particular spot, creating an interesting surface on the photo paper. It is often not the exact forms that are important, but the relationship between them, reflecting what I felt on the day of taking the pictures, or how I recalled the feeling later. Some of the pictures were annotated by poet Zoltán Imre HEGYI.

Eszter WALTON (born Eszter REIMHOLZ) has a degree in architecture. Since 2012, she has been engaged in photography, from autonomous reports to archaic techniques. She has won several photo competitions and was featured in numerous exhibitions. Her most important works are related to architecture.

Zoltán Imre HEGYI’s first volume was published in November 2017 by Cédrus Művészeti Alapítvány.