Logical Being / Flóra KŐSZEGHY

08 02 2018 – 02 26 2018

6pm 8th February, 2018

Opened by:
Gábor SZILÁGYI (art historian)

Logical Being is the sequel to Vivant. I cannot shake the idea that there is some kind of life in these lifeless objects. The most exciting part is that I know I there isn’t, and that it is I who will give them life if I so wish. I paint them and wait for them to come alive…
This is not about the aesthetics of machines. It is about editing, the details of the shapes, and the skin-like behavior of paintings. Blowing up the images creates a space that allows the viewer in. The image moves. As if it was alive. Sometimes it even makes noise. Some of the paintings are large-scale photographs of objects painted over with oil paint. When painting, the oil flows and makes several layers. It is as if it were skin, but its structure, determined by the technique and materials used, is like scales: the skin of an unknown life form. I make creatures. Things that differ from us, living beings. I experiment, as if there was a way to create something better than us. They do not hurt anyone, they just stand there with their logical simplicity, waiting for some sort of movement. This is the kind of life form I’m searching for. Sometimes you can spot them outdoors. As an architect, I have a strange personal relationship with houses. We get acquainted. They swim in strange landscapes as if they were in opposition to nature, but eventually they blend in. Maybe I want to learn from them, learn how to become one with something bigger instead of being disconnected. /Flóra KŐSZEGHY/

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