Light Sketches / Vera STREIM

HAP Gallery
18 01 2018 – 02 05 2018

6pm 18th january, 2018

Opened by:
István KÁROLYI (architect)

Vera STREIM (1939) completed secondary school at the Secondary School of Applied Arts. She obtained her diploma in 1962 at the Technical University of Construction and Transport. In addition to her architectural studies, she was an active member of the fine arts club at the Department of Drawing. After graduating, she worked as an architect designer in commercial design studios. From 1992 until her retirement in 1994, she was a designer at the company responsible for the maintenance of monuments in Budapest. In addition to her professional activities, she retained an interest in fine arts. As a true lyrical artist, she favors the use of watercolor for her experimental light sketches and collages.