Alexandra NÁDAS & Gábor NAGY
27 07 2018 – 03 09 2018

6pm 27th July, 2018

Opened by:
István SINKÓ (arts critic)

We have selected works from a long line of internal, unyielding motives and desires, and combined these pictures in a way that’s never been done before, creating a peculiar consonance.

Alexandra NÁDAS: “It is thrilling that amid the renaissance spatial structures and building constructions, an unknowable person has emerged, one who occupies space but does not fill the entire frame… It is both personal and impersonal. Definitely not of today. It’s not expressive and open. Its closed, mysterious and “protecting”. A new subject, and the predicates are the usual imagery. Prolonged majesty and simple construction. I keep searching for harmony, for lyrical unpredictability. I am not looking for the present, but for the past in us, the potential future, the unbreakable compromises. Human dignity and the always relevant legends based on beauty. “

Gábor NAGY: “Creating the picture’s fabric is the result of a very complex self-purification process, where honesty is paramount. Creating an order of importance between the multitude of motifs means making decisions in situations where the vision propelled by emotion ensures that the chosen path is true. This creative process is full of unexpected never-before-seen strange situations, which bring a strong desire to find a solution, a throbbing pain, screaming excitement, joyful discoveries. I feel a complex desire for certainty, I build on experience, propelled by a will to create, resulting in a visual entity which can hopefully convey my thoughts to the “outside world”.”

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