Jenő Rados’s Legacy

10 01 2018 – 22 01 2018

6pm 10th January, 2018

Opened by:
Barnabás WINKLER

In 2017, in accordance with Márta RADOS’s wishes, a part of Jenő RADOS’s legacy was donated to FUGA. This special exhibition commemorating the prominent teacher, conservationist and architect features unique and replicated graphics, drawings, personal notes, and his significant collection of architectural literature.

Jenő RADOS (1895-1992) was an architect, architectural historian and monument conservationist, and a renowned professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE). His students remember him with great love and respect, emphasizing his knowledge, wisdom and humanity. His father Gusztáv RADOS (1862-1942) was a renowned mathematician, and rector of the same university, then called Royal Joseph University. Jenő RADOS studied at the Royal Joseph University’s Faculty of Architecture from 1913 to 1919. He also enrolled in the National Conservatory, where he graduated as a composer in 1915. After finishing his studies, he was appointed teaching assistant, then assistant professor at Royal Joseph University’s Department of Medieval Studies. From 1936 until November 1945, he was a regular teacher at the Hungarian Royal Public Secondary Industrial School. From 1945 to 1957, he taught at BUTE’s Department of Medieval Studies, and between 1947 and 1949, he was dean of the Faculty of Architecture. The popular professor was elected to the University’s Revolutionary Committee in 1956 and therefore retired in 1957.
In addition to teaching, he also worked as a designer and an expert, participated in tenders and carried out research in architectural history. His most outstanding monumental restoration works include the restoration of the former Finance Minister’s palace, the Esterházy Castle in Fertőd, the Esterházy Castle in Csákvár and the Savoyai Castle in Ráckeve.
In 1961 he wrote a summary of Hungarian architectural history, which remains the most comprehensive work on the topic to this day. /Judit LÉVAI-KANYÓ/

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