In memoriam Gábor Karátson

Society of Hungarian Painters
03 05 2018 – 21 05 2018

6pm 3rd May, 2018

Opened by:
Ernő P. SZABÓ (art historian)

Anna RÁKÓCZY (flute)

Gábor KARÁTSON, who was a writer, translator, philosopher, painter and the first president of the Society of Hungarian Painters, passed away in 2015. At the end of 2017, his former studio was turned into a memorial room where his works and personal objects are displayed. Several events accompanied the opening of the memorial room, including a memorial exhibition in the Hall of Art. The closing event is the present exhibition held by the Society of Hungarian Painters. KARÁTSON is represented by a single work; the other entries were selected in a thematically free open competition.

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