Hero (2002) / ZHANG Yimou (dir.); Emi WADA (costume designer)

Ansnitt Filmclub – Costume Workshop 
Film-Virage Cultural Association

7pm 5th February, 2018

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We are in China’s bloodiest era in history: the country is divided into 7 kingdoms, and the Chin ruler is particularly strong and cruel. His quest to conquer all of China demands many lives, so a group of excellent warriors join forces to kill the king. Their mission is doomed to failure; however, King Chin becomes much more cautious afterwards: he makes it impossible for anyone to come close to him. Then an Untitled man arrives in his palace, who claims to have defeated the assassins. He can only get his reward if he tells the story of his feat. A verbal duel begins between the Chin-ruler and the Unnamed man, leading to an exciting outcome…

Zhang YIMOU’s 2002 film is noteworthy for its interesting plot and philosophical questions, but also for its symbolic use of colors, its cinematography, imposing costumes and scenery. The talented Christopher DOYLE (In the Mood for Love, 2046) was responsible for the fantastic images, and the beautiful costumes were created by Emi WADA (Dreams, 8½ Women), who won an Oscar for costume design in Akira KUROSAWA’s Chaos. Among the actors are the internationally renowned Maggie CHEUNG (In the Mood for Love, Clean), Tony LEUNG CHIU WAI (In the Mood for Love, Lust, Caution, Internal Affairs) Ziyi ZHANG (House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 2046 ) and Jet LI (Once Upon a Time in China, The Expendables).

Rita DANILESZK – 2005-2013: student of film history, film theory and Hungarian studies at the University of Pécs , a founding member and vice chairman of the Film-Virage Cultural Association, established in 2011, one of the main organizers and lecturers of Ansnitt Filmklub

Ansnitt Filmklub’s new series Costume Workshop explores the field of costume design through Hungarian and foreign examples. During the pre-screening introduction and the subsequent lectures, we will discuss film-making processes, seeking answers to the following questions in specific: What is the costume designer’s job? Who do costume designers need to cooperate with before and during the production? Where does their inspiration come from? How well do costume designers need to know the film’s story and characters?

All films are either subtitled or dubbed in Hungarian. 
Participation is free but is subject to registration. You can register until 5 pm on the day of the screening at the following email address: In the subject box, enter the title of the current movie, and in the text box, the name of the person or persons you want to register. Please arrive 15 minutes before the screening.

Sponsor: National Cultural Fund of Hungary

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