For Example. New Polish House

Center of Architecture, Warsaw (Centrum Architektury)

6pm 30 September, 2015

Center of Architecture, Warsaw (Centrum Architektury)

Polish Institute in Budapest


The exhibition was designed by:
Edgar BĄK

The portfolio comprising the 9 houses was created by:
Juliusz SOKOŁOWSKI (building photographer)

The models were made by:

The houses were designed by
Grzegorz STIASNY, Piotr BRZOZA és Marcin KWIETOWICZhayakawa/kowalczykhs99, Robert KONIECZNY, Piotr KUCZIA,jojko+nawrocki , MAASmedusa group

Nine deliberate, unique and refined houses designed in harmony with their respective contexts. Buildings that follow global architectural trends, yet remain original through their tailored designs focusing on ecological, typological or environmental concerns. The Polish landscape has not only been influenced by traditional patterns from the past – from 19th century mansions to the apartment blocks of the socialist era – but also by modern experiences rooted in freedom and self-expression.
These unique solutions are likely to facilitate discussions about functionality and expectations when it comes to architecture. This discussion does not only concern architects. The selected buildings – the beautiful and smart ones – represent a new standard of quality in Polish detached family homes, and may even lead the way for future generations of architects. For example.

Accompanying program:
Half marathon of Polish and Hungarian houses

Half Marathon of Houses is For Example. New Polish House’s accompanying event, where Hungarian and Polish architects present their finished or partial designs for detached family houses. These original designs have been tailored to individual needs; they are not the copies of designs seen in colorful architectural magazines. The presentations last only 10 minutes each, ensuring a dynamic program that does not exceed the 1.5 hours it takes to run a half marathon. Half Marathon is preceded by an introduction and concludes with the exhibition itself.

The event is sponsored by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Open until: 2015 10 20

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