Zsolt Olaf Szamódy: This is it


March 3, 2022 | Wednesday | 17:00

laudation: Péter Baki, director of Hungarian Photography Museum

opens: Tamás Csikány, military historian

finissage: 2022 03 25


The technically multifold, the variating use of different technical solutions are paired with the growing, more complex photographic oeuvre of Zsolt Olaf Szamódy Zsolt from Tatabánya. In his practice expanding to three decades, one can exactly point to the affinities of disciples and methodologies, the genre and technical centers of gravity and focus. Hence, in the early years, he created colorful landscape and still compositions, then works about the existential modes, the deterioration of the industrial heritage, or social documentaries of the disappearing labor and everyday settings of the mines. Later, he looks into the marks of the pseudo-being of the lake of Tata through lyrical-conceptual photo etudes and then following the 2000s, he turned towards oversized landscapes of sea and beach rewriting our Adria ideal and memories of the sea, and then closing it with a collection of shots of micro phenomena and report photos of far-eastern, somewhat exotic locations and cities and civilizations. And above all these, there is one more significant and grand photo series of massive, determined concept that emblematically characterizes the oeuvre: the collection of snapshots of the Monostor Fortress in Komárom which object focuses on its history of centuries. The fortress rises as a medium, and creates a series of hundreds of photos subject to architectural photography.


/ Tibor Wehner /