YBL Days


5-7 February 2020

School beyond the the bounderies of architecture

Accompanying exhibitions:
Hervé hall: Workshop_Designs

Breuer terem: Architect MSC Complex Design_Student Designs/ Teacher Designs – With no requirements of grenre, size, or subject

Thursday, 6 February 2020, 18.00

YBL fac(ad)es in the present

host/moderator: Kiss Gyula

18.00        introductory remarks: Kiss Gyula

18.05      Roundtable discussion with our 3 + 1 Prima Award winners: Dévényi Tamás, Zsuffa Zsolt, Mizsei Anett, Kovács Dobák Barnabás

19.00       Book Launch

Anthony Gall: Kós Károly. Az Építészet Mesterei sorozat, Holnap Kiadó, 2019

introducing the book: Dr. Sisa József professor, art historian, Milkovich Eszter publisher of the book

19.40        Architectural creators / creative architects workshop conversations. The participants are the fac(ad)es of the event, the moderator will be Gyula Kiss. Topics: Folk Architecture Scientific Students’ Association, Hellowood, Industrial Heritage Workshop, Workshop instructors, students… and much more.