We Are Sending The Ark Of The Covenant

fine arts

2021 June 11 | Friday | 18.00

Joint exhibition of György Buczkó and Gábor Záborszky

opens: Péter Fitz, art historian

participates: Tamás Fodor, actor-director

finissage: 2021 06 28

Years ago, the two artists made the decision to create their own Ark of the Covenant in the frame of their joint display. Originally, the exhibition was supposed to take place in 2020, in the year of their respective 70th birthdays.

Buczkó and Záborszky opened the Ark of the Covenant, to accompany the blooming rod of Aaron the glass sculptor formed and molded the Hebrew letters of the set-in-stone Ten Commandments. On the other hand, Záborszky returned to his old long-loved material the papier-maché and created the manna. The new installation is surrounded on the walls by earlier artworks – whose inspiration might have been influenced by the Ark of the Covenant.

“In the past decades the current streams of arts have interested me less and less. Rather, I found interest in myself and in the ‘spirit’ of the material. Paper and the ever-better paper. First, art works were born where the objects are absent and their prints are the only one left behind. A specific – to, not to be, situation appeared. The white radiation on the border of being and non-being. I matched this absence with the color of gold. I have never used gold as the barbarian symbol of wealth. The invention of the Medieval: the transcendental space interested me. Such reality! The eye is not capable of detecting the exact formation of gold, hence appears the undefinable, unworldly space.” (Gábor Záborszky: Ars poetica)


The vernissage is live broadcast on FUGA YouTube channel.