V. Texhibition


Exhibition of Hungarian, Swiss and Slovakian textile artists

guided tour by the curator, Szilvia Szigeti

The exhibition is part of the Design Without Borders exhibition series

The guided tour is broadcasted live on FUGA Youtube Channel:

guest exhibitiors: Cécile Feilchenfeldt (CH), Klára Věntusová (SK), Petra Zelisková (SK)

exhibitors: Viola Balázs, Réka Csíkszentmihályi, Evelin Horváth, Ágnes Kollár, Réka Molnár, Gabi Lőrincz V., Emília Pájer, Anna Regős, Andrea Ruttka, Eszter Söptei, Szilvia Szigeti, Szilvia Vereczkey, Márta Vető

For the fifth times in general and for the fourth time in FUGA Center of Architecture, the selection of Hungarian and foreign textile artists takes place as an independent exhibition. The goal of the TEXHIBITION project initiated by Noémi Ferenczy Award-winner textile designer Szilvia Szigeti is to raise awareness of the formerly leading industry, its designers and the embedded creative opportunities, furthermore, the history of Hungarian textile industry. In the five years of the TEXHIBITION project, nearly 60 textile designers and numerous textile producers have represented themselves. The exhibition offers from year to year a glimpse into home textiles of jacquard, shaft looming, transfer, and digital printing, from different generations and schools of style. In the annual development included 11 designers and the Csárda Tex Kft., the Lénárd Zászlókészítő Kft., the Meritum Kft, and the Aste Bútorszövet és Lakástextil.

Along the textiles of industrial make, unique, designer-made home textiles will be on display too.

As regards TEXHIBITION, the tradition dictates that along home textiles of Hungarian designers works of foreign designers are also on display. This year, the works of the Paris-based Swiss textile artist Cécile Feilchenfeldt known by her the machine-loomed haute couture textiles and dresses and the works of freshly graduated textile designers Klára Věntusová and Petra Zelisková from the Textile Faculty of the Academy of Fine Art and Design of Bratislava (VŠVU) made by Lénárd Kft are going to be exhibited.

The accompanying programs of Texhibition are available online on the following sites: