Transparent Sound Production – Folk Songs and Improvisations


February 20, 2022 | Sunday | 18:00

Chamber concert of Tara Khozein (sing) and Zsófi Persányi (piano)


Luciano Berio: Folk Songs (ének-zongora átirat)

Béla Bartók: Improvisations, op. 20

Luciano Berio: Sequenza III

Zsófi Persányi – Khozein Tara: 5 folk songs from the United States and Hungary *


Supported by the National Culture Fund and the Transparent Sound New Music Festival

Attendance of the concert is limited to 30 persons due to public health restrictions. Prior registration for tickets is required to the following email address:

Tickets are available for sale before the concert in FUGA. General price: 1.500 HUF

The concert is live broadcast on the YouTube site of FUGA.