That’s how I saw the world from behind the camera


Thursday, 9 January 2020, 18.00

Retrospective exhibition of Lajos Nádorfi, Béla Balázs Award-winning cameraman
opened by: Keleti Éva

in association with: Sebestyén Márta & Andrejszki Judit

open until: 2020 01 27

I started working for Hungarian Television 50 years ago, on January 14, 1970. Throughout my career, I have been surrounded by natural wonders, fascinating personalities and astonishing human creations: I’ve been to the highest mountains, met people from South American, Asian, European cultures, I’ve participated in the holidays of various religions, met fantastic artists and scientists.

Due to the limitations of footage and runtime, I had to take photos as well to make sure all of the beauty was captured!

I owe eternal gratitude to Éva Keleti, who encouraged me to create this retrospective exhibition. It is an honor that such a pivotal figure in Hungarian photography spent months patiently selecting my works. Going through my photos with her was a very educational experience.

The task was not easy, as the exhibition has its own limitations as well, and we could only fit a fraction of the photos taken while shooting documentaries about ethnographic, sociological, historical, natural and artistic topics in over 60 countries. We agreed that this time around the selection would be based on purely artistic criteria, but as a documentarist, I had to add some information  for context in order to enable the visitors to see the world as I saw it from behind the camera. /Lajos Nádorfi/