Sparkle. Exhibition of the graduate students and acolytes of the Design Faculty at the University of Pécs

fine arts

January 24, 2022 | Monday | 13:00

One-day exhibition, open from 13:00 to 19.00

The Design Faculty at the University of Pécs presents its extension of specification of study courses through this special pop-up exhibition in which faculty members exhibit with one of their selected students together.



Miklós Budán – Snežana Bulatović
Judit Burkus – Balázs Nyári
György Fusz – Petra Szondi
György Gáspár – Kata Czinege
Zsófia Herczig – Zsuzsa Barta
Zsófia Karsai – Gergely Szula
Lívia Pápai – Ilona Sápi
Kinga Ráthonyi – Karam Atrache
Béla Rózsa – Vivien Galcsik

The exhibition concludes in a round table talk

17.30     round table talk

moderator: Dr. Katalin Aknai PhD, art historian


Dr. habil. Péter Lengyel DLA, dean of the Faculty of Arts, PTE
Dr. Kinga Ráthonyi DLA, director of the Design and Media Art Institute
Prof. emerita Márta Nagy DLA, professor
Dr. Judit Burkus DLA, head of the Design Department, senior lecturer
Dr. György Gáspár DLA, chairman of the glass design study course, senior lecturer
Dr. Béla Rózsa DLA, chairman of the metalwork study course, senior lecturer
Dr. Lívia Pápai DLA, chairwoman of the textile study course, senior lecturer

The main goal of the round table talk to present the early joint and individual studio works of the new study courses, to introduce its future plans. How is it possible to maintain structurally integrated professionalism in view of the disciplines’ national and international positions? Are there regional differences in the design education within the country? The talk will discuss the relationship between education and the current market, and sustainability. Finally, it will touch upon the question of the art-pedagogic freedom of the faculty members and its importance in the given educational practice.


The talk is broadcast live on the YouTube channel of FUGA. The recording is available online after the event.