Press Release / FUGA and the Budapest Chamber of Architects

Dear visitors, partners and friends,

from July 1 our institution goes on its usual summer break as the 2021-2022 season reached its end.

With this the first era of ours comes to end with its more than 3500 programs between 2009 and 2022. The institution – led by Balint Nagy from 2009 until his sudden passing in early 2022 – has become an internationall acclaimed, unique, known and renowned. It proved that architecture is indeed deeply embedded within culture. FUGA became the home of individual representatives, communities and collectives of many various disciplies.

The Chamber of Budapest Architects and its newly elected leadership is deteremined to maintain the values of FUGA and to its continuous existence. Hence, it provides everything needed to upkeep the institution and its recalibration.

Its goal is to establish a continuation with a new leadership, an operational method and prgram structure that is in line with the guiding priciples and the past of FUGA.

Júlia Őry, artistic director, and Judit Rajk, curator of the music programming, are leaving but contribute with their advices in order to help the long-term continuous operation.

During the summer break (July 1 to September), life does not stop in the gallery and the next season is under preparation together with long-needed maintenance and modernisation works.

On teh website and social media, we will share news about the days of FUGA with active and new content.

Thank you for visiting the exhibitions, concerts, bookstore and many other events of FUGA, and thank you for supporting our renewal – please do the same in the future, as well.

Budapest, 06/30/2022


Lajos Koszorú, chairman

Júlia Őry, artistic director

Judit Rajk, curator of classical music


Chamber of Budapest Architects

István Eltér, president
László Herczeg, vice president
Gyula Kiss, member of the presidium
András Lente, member of the presidium
József Wéber, member of the presidium