P. Szűcs Julianna: Nagytotál


Thursday, 23 January 2020, 16.30

Book launch

P. Szűcs Julianna: Nagytotál. Magyar összképek a múzeumban, a tárlaton és a nyilvános térben 2009 és 2018 között
Balassi Kiadó, 2019
the book is presented by art historian József Mélyi József

This volume is not a simple “best of” collection of critiques; the articles are woven into a coherent overview of how museums, exhibitions, and public squares have presented Hungarian art from the last two hundred years.

Critics rarely have the opportunity to illustrate their writings as they please, usually the reader either experiences the artwork or performance. after reading the critique, or perhaps they read the critique to compare their own opinion on what they had just seen.

Julianna P. Szűcs is a well-known art critic, Mozgó Világ’s editor-in-chief and a professor emeritus at Janus Pannonius University. She felt it important to publish her collection of critiques in a richly illustrated form, so as to make it enjoyable for readers who did not have the chance to see the given exhibition, building or other work of art in person.