One in three. 75 Years of the BME Department of Public Building Design


December 1, 2021 | Wednesday | 17.00

Exhibition opening and book launch


Speeches: Dr. Tibor Czigány professor and rector of BME

György Alföldi DLA professor and dean of the BME Faculty of Architecture

Levente Szabó DLA professor and head of department of the BME Department of Public                             Building Design


Opens the exhibitions and presents the book: Balázs Marián DLA associate professor, MOME Institute of Architecture


The recently established Weichinger Award will be awarded as part of the opening. The prize is going to be given by: Mihály Balázs DLA professor, BME Department of Public Building Design

The exhibition and the book materialized with the help of the National Cultural Fund and the Foundation for Communal Architecture.


finissage: 2021 12 22