Next Generation


January 23, 2022 | Sunday | 18:00

Transparent Sound New Music Festival

Next Generation

Chamber concert of the students of the Budapest Music Academy


On the few previous occasions of the Next Generation concert series the youngest composer generation introduced itself successfully. This year, the performances of the students of the Franz Liszt Music Academy will be played on the Next Generation Performers, who will play a repertoire of the latest and earlier pieces of new music. The program contains works that are important elements of their instruments’ repertoires, and that are played rarely in Hungary.

In the first part, pianist students of the Music Academy will perform themes of the monumental series Makrokosmos by George Crumb. The students and the works were selected on the basis of last year’s successful BMC concert of theirs.


In the second part, the faculties of wind instruments will represent their students in which solo and duo pieces written for clarinet, saxophone, harp and tuba will be included.


Finally, a special piece by the Alvin Lucier – outstanding as well regarding the festival too – the I Am Sitting in a Room will be performed, this time in Hungarian. A student of the electronic musical media art section of the Music Academy will personify the piece’s original character, the composer.


László Borbély, Péter Kiss, Csaba Pálfi, Erzsébet Seleljo, Roland Szentpáli, Andrea Szigetvári (from the Faculty of the Franz Liszt Music Academy), and Marcell Dargay, Samu Gryllus and Balázs Horváth (Transparent Sound New Music Festival)

The concert is also the finissage of the TEXHIBITION VI, the exhibition of Hungaran and Finnish textile artists.



  1. section – curators: László Borbély, Péter Kiss
    George Crumb: Makrokosmos – Volumes I., II. & IV. (selection)


Volume I. – Twelve Fantasy-Pieces after the Zodiac for Amplified Piano

No.2 Proteus – Pisces (Benjámin Forgó)
No.3 Pastorale (from the Kingdom of Atlantis, ca. 10,000 B.C.) – Taurus (Bertalan Robotka)
No.10 Spring-Fire – Aries (Ádám Király)
No.12 Spiral Galaxy [Symbol] – Aquarius (Péter Ittzés)

Volume II.

No.1 Morning Music (Genesis II.) – Cancer (Péter Ittzés)
No.4 Twin Suns (Doppelgänger aus der Ewigkeit) [Symbol] – Gemini (Bertalan Robotka)
No.6 Gargoyles – Taurus (Benjámin Forgó)
Volume IV. – Celestial Mechanics, Cosmic Dances for Amplified Piano, Four Hands

  1. Beta Cygni (Benjámin Forgó, Bertalan Robotka)


  1. section – curators: Csaba Pálfi, Erzsébet Seleljo, Roland Szentpáli

Penderecki: Capriccio
performs: Nándor Vincze (tuba)

Bruno Mantovani: Bug for clarinet solo
performs: Roland Tomcic (clarinet)

Wettl Mátyás: My favourite instruments
performs: Viktória Pusomi (alto saxophone), Elizabet Ferge (harp)

Kresimir Seletkovic: Portreti
performs: Szilárd Előd Katona (alto saxophone)

Anthony Plog: Postcards V
performs: Benedek Szabó (tuba)

Theo Loevendie: Duo for bass clarinet solo
performs: Norbert Hegyi (bass clarinet)


  1. section – curators: Andrea Szigetvári, Samu Gryllus, Marcell Dargay

Alvin Lucier: I am sitting in a room

performs: Bori Sinkó (text)
Zétény Nagy (programming, electronics)


Attendance is limited to 30 individuals. For purchasing a ticket, registration is required:
Tickets are available in FUGA before the concert for a general 1.500 HUF price.

The concert is live broadcast on the YouTube channel of FUGA.