Let’s Do Theatre


January 17, 2022 | Monday | 17:00

Program of the Hungarian Theatre Society


Guests of Tibor Csizmadia: Bence Bíró, Eszter Orbán, Nóra Sediánszky

The Let’s Do Theatre round table talk series by the Hungarian Theatre Society hosted by Tibor Csizmadia discusses the questions of theatre directorships. We recalled the stories of theatre founding from the past four decades, we talked with directors from Budapest and the countryside, upcoming theatre directors, we analyzed the appliscation system and the position of Opera and Ballet troupes.

In January 2022, we are going to examine the theatre governance from the point of view of dramaturges. Tibor Csizmadia and his guests Bence Bíró, Eszter Orbán and Nóra Sediánszky will have a conversation about the roles and position of a dramaturge, their opportunities as regards policies of theatre repertoire, and about the differences between being a freelancer or a full-time employer.

The event is fee of charge and takes place in accordance with the current public health restrictions.

The talk is broadcast live on the YouTube channel of FUGA and is available afterwards on the channels of FUGA and the Hungarian Theatre Society.