Judit Kurtág: Márta’s garden

October 4, 2021 | Monday | 19:00

Ongoing tribute to Márta Kurtág

finissage: 2021 10 17

My grandmother Márta and I were extremely close. In the last months of her life, Márta became more and more ill and weaker and weaker. I was quite desperate seeing her suffering so much. I had this urge to do my best to cheer her up. Almost as I child, I started to make drawings for her. Animals appeared. Animal drawings, representing in fact more a kind of life energies that stricto sensu animals. Warm, kind, caring, dancing, playful, proud. This is how a series of animal drawings was born, which I have been doing since. I use ink, pencils, sometimes also, coffee stains, grapes stains, watercolor, etc. I continue to draw animals for Márta. I do it on the soil of the cemetery next to her grave, using sticks, leaves, branches, or carving in the ground or snow. /Judit Kurtág/