Jánossy Now!


November 30, 2021 |  Tuesday | 17.00

finissage: 12 22 2021

curator: ZoltánFehérvári , Eszter Gyárfás, András Hadik

opens: architect Zsófia Csomay

The ceremony of the 17th Péter Molnár Award is going to be part of the exhibition opening.






The centennial of architect György Jánossy is about to happen. The exhibition is an intitative for us to face with uestions, such as how we handle the heritage and oeuvre of one of the most important Hungarian architects of the second half of the 20th century? In what state are his finalised buildings are? We commissioned Tibor Zsitva, photographer, to make a series about the current state of these buildings. On the exhibition, we present the remaining, even though scattered, blueprints, free hand drawings, graphics and paintings of Jánossy.