Identity and Culture 7


Wednesday, 12 February 2020, 18.30

Scientific Students’ Association, BUTE Department of Industrial Building Design
Identity and Culture 7
The legacy of the modern – pathfinding in extreme times

open until: 2020 02 23

In 2019, BUTE’s Department of Industrial Building Design organized two independent Scientific Students’ Association competitions, and one jointly with the Department of Drawing. Cultural Landscape – Identity and Culture 7 had two architectural sections. 1. Surrantó: giving new function to the large concrete buildings with exciting features in the center of the former mining town of Rudabánya. The section focused on the mock-up that was prepared by the applicants in collaboration with the Drawing Department. 2.) Zirc:Reb@arn – opportunities for utilizing garden barn buildings in the suburbs of Zirc.

The legacy of the modern – pathfinding in extreme times art theory section brought together a wide variety of topics: oeuvre research, art theory study, and a design process preceded by extremely detailed background work. We dealt with areas affected by war or earthquake, and included topics such as Aleppo, Cairo, Artúr Szalatnai, Zsigmond Keres, Kunmadaras, new types of education, religion and visual preference studies. A total of 21 applications were submitted to our sections, which attracted nearly 60 students, 40 consultants, 40 opponents and 12 jury members.