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2021 07 09 | Friday | 17.00

The Last 40 years of the Photography Historic Architecture through the ouevre of Gábor Barka

curator: Zoltán Fehérvári

opens: Endre Prakfalvi, art historian

open until: 2021 08 06

Tivadar Kozelka has a yet unpublished panoramic photo series of 13×18 negatives dated to the 1930s. The photos were taken on the roof of the Matthias Church when it was surrounded by scaffolding due to its renovations. In 2009, during its latest renovation, architecture historian Zoltán Fehérvári had Gábor Barka repeating the panorama shot in a digital form with the underlying idea of documenting and presenting the transformations of the city. The digital version is also interesting in the perspective of history of photography due to the differences between the technologies. The then-planned exhibition was cancelled because of financial reasons. Gábor Barka passed away in 2021, hence the renewal and transformation of the exhibition project is actual, which means the extension of the exhibition with a glance at the past 40 years of architectural monument and heritage photography, that was a defining element of the photographic oeuvre of Gábor Barka, from the Parliament through the Drexler House to the Paris Passage, or from the Budapest Airport Terminal 1 through the Erzsébet Square bus terminal to the headquarters of IPARTERV.

Source: HMA MPDC Hungarian Museum of Architecture