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April 9 – 25, 2021

Photo exhibition of Balázs Nagy

curator: Anna Zsoldos

„Call Ricsi, here is his number, he can tell you what you can take a photo of.” Semi-illegal voyeurism, hidden observation, tension created by unclear liaisons: on the very first individual exhibition of photographer Balázs Nagy we observe and wander through the presence of the suburbs of Budapest with his black-and-white photos of his large-format analogue camera. The title addresses the most frequented street and its surroundings of suburban Budapest and the reality of the former industrial and working-class neighborhoods. The photographer glanced at industrial ruins, abandoned factory plants, emptied cultural centers, the expansive market of the Chinatown, derelict workers’ lots and faced with the everydays of the locals.

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The exhibition is part of the Budapest PhotoFestival

Sponsors: National Cultural Fund, COLAS