Hommage à Bauhaus 100

fine arts

Friday, 14th June 2019 at 19.00

International exhibition

curator: Fekete Vali aesthete

art manager: Salamon Péter

opening performance: Metanoia Artopédia

open between: 2019 06 06 – 2019 07 12

On the occasion of Bauhaus’s 100th anniversary, Pécs Gallery Archive Foundation is organizing  a series of exhibitions titled Hommage à Bauhaus 100 at several domestic and foreign venues. The exhibition wishes to pay tribute to the spirit and Hungarian members of the Bauhaus School, which was born in Germany in 1919. Many of Bauhaus’s Hungarian representatives were from Pécs (Marcell Breuer, Alfréd Forbát, Andor Weininger, Henrik Stefán, Hugó Johan, Farkas Molnár).

Inspired by the original Bauhaus School’s workshops, which encompassed a wide range of creative activities, the exhibition focuses primarily on graphic art, book art and photography, and explores the intellectual impact Bauhaus has had to date, and seeks links with contemporary works of art in an intermediate context.

After the first venue, the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Paris, the exhibition arrives to FUGA, where, in keeping with the Bauhaus School’s master-student training system, the exhibition will feature works by the students of the University of Fine Arts. At the end of August, the exhibition will move to Pécs Gallery where it will be enriched with works by the students of the University of Pécs’s Faculty of Arts. In November, the exhibitions will travel to the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Brussels, where it will include works by Belgian graphic artists and graphic arts students from the University of Brussels.

Exhibiting artists:

Árendás József, Auth Attila, Balla Dóra, Barabás Márton, Baráth Dávid, Baráth Ferenc,  Budai Lotte, Czakó Zsolt, Felsmann Tamás, Gál Krisztián, Gerendy Jenő, Halasi Zoltán, Korolovszky Anna, Lelkes László, Lengyel András, Lizom Dávid, Maczó Péter, Major Lajos, Molnár Tamás, Nádai Ferenc, Palotai Gábor (S), Pataki Tibor, Perovics Zoltán, Pinczehelyi Sándor, Prell Norbert, Rozman Ágnes, Simon Péter Bence, Serfőző Péter, Szabó Andrea, Szirányi István, Szőnyei György, Tepes Ferenc, Tóth Tamás, Vály Sándor (FIN)

French guest artists:

Anita Gallego painter, Michel Bouvet poster designer, Michel Monteaux photographer, Yann Legendre graphic designer