Haba Péter: Magyar ipari építészet 1945–1970

Wednesday, 9th of October 2019, 6.00 PM

Haba Péter: Magyar ipari építészet 19451970

Publisher: TERC Szakkönyvkiadó

Introducing the book and moderating the discussion: Ritoók Pál, art historian

participants: Winkler Barnabás architect, Dobai János architect, Hajmási Péter structural engineer, Haba Péter art historian, author of the book

The massive industrialization spanning a quarter of a century following WWII was not only a catalyst for social and economic transformation, but also an ambitious architectural, civil engineering and technological enterprise that had a significant impact on many areas of culture and science. The book provides a comprehensive overview of industrial architecture between 1945–1970 and its political-economic context through hundreds of factory building plans and 1266 illustrations. These now largely disused, dilapidated “socialist factories” were aesthetically and technologically significant accomplishments of inspired and innovative architects. The author also elaborates on the history of state-run architecture studios that carried out this monumental work, the most important of which was the legendary IPARTERV, the largest specialist in the field of industrial construction.

Chamber members can request 1 Credit per block (1.000 Ft). MÉK 2019/14