2021 April 22 – May 9

Exhibition of Noémi Ferenczy Award-winner textile designer Szilvia Szigeti

Participate in the vernissage composer Balázs Horváth and pianist Róza Radnóti 

The FUTURISTIC textile collection was inspired by the Wiener Werkstätte, the defining Austrian workshop of the early 20th century and two its founders Koloman Moser and Josef Hoffmann. Further inspirations were the workd of Kandinsky and the spectecular decorativity of Pedro Almodóvar’s ouevre from the 1990s. The works of the Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon had a great impact on Ms. Szigeti. Hayon’s furnitures and objects emphasize the permeability between genres and balance on the thin line between art, decor and design. Finally, the piece Mucia ricercata by György Ligeti influenced the creation of the collection that was practiced by the artist’s daughter (pianist Róza Radnóti) during the designing process.

“I find the dialogue between different art disciples important. This exactly why it was a delight that our previous TEXHIBITION (annual textile exhibition) served in FUGA as the background for the concerts of the Transparent Sound New Music Festival. It was a bizarre feeling to sense the additional experience offered by the textiles for the audience and the musicians, either. This fertile encounter gave the idea of an enhanced cooperation. The FUTURISTIC collection’s objectified rythems, repetitive motives, smaller and bigger formal units drove my determination to cooperate with the Transparent Sound New Music Festival in the future. As the first step of the joint brainstorming, I asked composer Balázs Horváth, one of the founders of the Festival, to formalize the common items as regards my textile that might be inspiring for the musical side.” (Szilvia Szigeti)





FUTURISTIC – különleges lakástextilekből nyílik kiállítás a FUGA-ban