FUTUREFARM 2025 vertical farm and reserach hub


February 23 – March 13, 2022

Exhibition of the BME Department of Explorative Architecture

vernissage: February 23, 2022 | Wednesday | 18:30

The topic of the course ‘Workplaces II.’ at the Department of Explorative Architecture was a design of a building whose technology can ensure the future viands supply. Indoor farming, glass houses and vertical farming create an opportunity of a novice, more efficient agricultural production all year round, compactly, indepedently of climate, even in urban environment. Plants that are grown indoors, provide an output, quality and water use that are easily controllable, increasable and the external factors’ influence is negligible compared to traditional outdoor farming. The students had to choose planning locations for the utilisation of this new technology that are in extreme situation. In the educational groups – each focusing on a locale of extreme environmental and climatic charateristics – the students worked in pairs with the help a supervisor.

Group 1.         Tropical climate / Tataouine. Rita Terbe DLA, Tamás Bulcsu, István Koczka

Group 2.         North / Seyðisfjörður. Iván Nagy DLA, Ádám Salacz, Balázs Vadász

Group 3.         Mountain / Fogaras. Gábor Fábián  DLA, Ágnes Tőrös, Gergely Galántai

Group 4.         Post-war reconstruction / Kabul. Dávid Szabó DLA, László Mikó, Márton Dévényi

Group 5.         Middle East / Syria. Zoltán Szécsi  DLA, Zoltán Sükösd, Vera B. Szabó

Group 6.        Industrial area / Rudabánya. Gábor Szűcs DLA, Alfréd Peschka, Ferenc Vavrik

Group 7.        Two seasons / Tepoztlán. Zsolt Vasáros DLA, Gergő Sági, Adél Sághegyi

Group 8.        Desert / Turkana Lake. József Árva DLA, Dóra Dávid, Péter Vizér

Group 9.        Mediterranean / Alexandria. István Bartók  DLA, Mohamed Raslan, Rania Matrouk


The planning task consisted agricultural-industrial production capacity accompanied by a research hub, accommodaton, laboratory with a use of renewable energy sources – reflecting on the given crisis situation or the global climate change threatening the local ecosystem.

Course administrators: József Árva DLA, Dávid Szabó DLA

Dean: Zsolt Vasáros DLA, professor

Department of Explorative Architecture


Supported by the National Culture Fund