Finding Hudec


8th May 2019, Wednesday at 6 pm

Exhibition by Hudec Cultural Foundation and ECNU School of Design

opened by art historian Dániel Kovács

open until: 02 06 2019

curators: Csejdy Virág, Szalontai Ábel, Wei Shaonong

exhibiting artists:  students of School of Design ECNU
Rong Yao fphotographer, teacher

László Hudec‘s (1893–1958) architectural activity contributed immensely to Shanghai’s transformation into today’s modern metropolis. He designed many important milestones in the city’s modernization: Shanghai’s first air-conditioned hospital, the Country Hospital (1925), the first Asian skyscraper, Park Hotel (1934), the city’s most spacious theater, the Grand Theater (1933), and its first private villa with an elevator, the Green House (1937). His legacy is still a living part of the city, with nearly 60 of his buildings still standing. His works stand out from those of other western architects who contributed to the city. He is so highly respected in Shanghai that in 2016, he was named as one of the top 100 VIPs of the city inhabited by 20 million people.

The Budapest exhibition brings the results of a five-day workshop to the Hungarian public. The films and images present the Hudec experience of students and teachers of ECNU School of Design in Shanghai. The aim of the exhibition is to promote the architect’s work in Hungary and to build a bridge between the two cities’ creative professionals. The shortest route between Shanghai and Budapest is through the Hudec legacy!

sponsor: National Cultural Fund of Hungary