Feminine Art Nouveau


Friday, 13th September at 17.00

Style workshop by art historian Júlia Katona

Art Nouveau hits us all close to home, it is love at first sight. Art Nouveau is soft, dynamic, graceful, capricious, light, airy, playful and perhaps even feminine. At first glance, Art Nouveau seems to be against the concepts of design, predictability, the past, historical styles, strict symmetry and masculine rationality; in short, against everything that historicizing styles represented in European art in the second half of the 19th century. The question arises: can an art style be “feminine”? If yes, what makes it so? And finally, is Art Nouveau a “feminine” style? In the workshop, we will explore these questions in groups through interactive games.



Anticiated number of participants: apprx. 20-25
Duration of the workshop: 2 hours

The workshop is subject to prior registration.

Minimum contribution: 1000 HUF / person, which is payable upon entry.

The contribution is also valid as a raffle ticket for book prizes. The raffle will be drawn on October 7th as part of the event series celebrating FUGA’s 10th birthday.