Contemporary Slovak Architecture uniting the modern and the organic


Thursday, 30 January 2020, 18.30

Contemporary Slovak Architecture uniting the modern and the organic
Periphery with ambition

guests: Sekan János & Simko Pál

host: Andor Wesselényi-Garay Andor architect, scientific associate the Hungarian Academy of Arts’ Research Institute of Art Theory and Methodology

János Sekan and Pál Simko, architects from Košice, began their careers at the socialist era’s colossal design institute, where they were relatively close associates. After the change of the political system, although they did not work in the same architectural firm, they took part in several competitions and work together on several projects.

Pál Simko is mainly active in building design, while János Sekan’s fields encompass settlement planning and historical research on Kosice’s urban planning. They either work separately while paying close attention to each other’s work, or they work in close cooperation with a minimum number of associates.

In addition to Kosice and its wider region, they also have buildings in Modor, Senec and Hungary.

Their activity is quite peripheral in terms of the customer’s financial acumen, the volume of facilities and choice of locations, but taking on the periphery is an opportunity that by no means implies a lack of ambition.


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