Churches of Budapest – Downtown, 5th district


Wednesday, 18 December 2019, 17.00

Churches of Budapest – Downtown, 5th district

Town Protection Association for Budapest, Church History Series 2.

The 5th district’s church architecture is extremely rich, diverse and valuable. The oldest church of Pest, built on a Roman foundation, is like an art history book displaying all main architectural styles from the Romanesque period up to the present day. Most of the valuable Baroque churches built within the old city walls were erected by monks (Franciscans, Servites, Congregation of Jesus, Order of Saint Paul). In addition to Western Christian churches (Reformed, Lutheran, Unitarian), Eastern Christian churches (Serbian, Greek and Russian Orthodox) are also present in large numbers. After the change of regime in 1989, church institutions and organizations of various purposes were established, and most of them built public chapels, which are less known to the general public.

In the latest volume of its series, the Town Protection Association for Budapest’s Church History Group presents these 5th district churches, including a lecture by the head of the association, archivist Beáta Fabó.