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Friday, 13 March 2020, 18.00


Book launch

Saly Noémi: Micsoda népek…
Ab Ovo Kiadó, 2019

I live in the same house from my birth in Budapest, in Tabán in 8 Döbrentei street. I have always been interested in the people who used to live in this house. This book is about these people.
I have not seen similar in Hungarian. It can be read in different ways: the stories may affect emotionally or may be used as scientific data for further researches, or some sociologists and anthropologist may regard them sources. This is a complete, familiar and strange world at the same time. Interactions of families and professions, lives of children and women, careers and suicides, lagers and relocation, evils and angels, bankers, engineers, soldiers, lawyers, artists, postmen, tailors, servants, caretakers. Such a company…