CANCELLED / Gerlóczy Gábor: Gerlóczy Gedeon. A képmentő építész

Monday, 23 03 2020, 18.00


Book Launch

Gerlóczy Gábor: Gerlóczy Gedeon. A képmentő építész
Holnap Kiadó, 2020

moderator: Anna Juhász
participants: Gábor Gerlóczy, author of the book, Lajos Csordás, Gábor Kaszás.

Modern architecture started at the beginning of the 20th century, and Gedeon Gerlóczy (1895-1975) became an architect at this exciting time of change. Gerlóczy was a significant representative of the architecture of the interwar period especially in creating modern hospital buildings. He was a lecturer of history of architecture and urban aesthetics at Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. As a young architect, driven by inspiration, he bought and thus saved much of Csontváry’s oeuvre and worked for more than 55 years to preserve these paintings.