Budapest Award of Excellence in Architecture 2021


November 29, 2021 | Friday

finissage: 2021 11 29


One of the specialties of Budapest is its architectural heritage rich of values and traditions that has been reflecting the locals’ status, thoughts and relationship with their environment since the establishment of the city. Due to its specific geographic location and its neighborhoods’ multifaceted being this becomes obvious in invididual characters and in the varieties of solutions offered for solution. Our heritage is oftentimes controversial – just think of the narrow courts of the hanging corridor edifices borne out of real estate speculations of the 19th century, and the number of those courts that is unmatched around the world – nevertheless, it reflects the rollacoaster-like history of Budapest and the city is hard to imagine without them.

In the 21st century, just as many other disciplines, architecture also turned more complex. However, buildings are still serving as the mirrors of society. New elements appeared that seeks to fulfill expectations due to climate change – namely of specific temperature and precipitation extremities – and to contribute not only to aestetics but also to livability. From year to year many buildings rise from the ground that deserve and desire the spotlight and to be elevated as a paragon for the high quality establishment of a relationship between humanity and their built environment.

The Budapest Award of Excellence in Architecture serves this mission: it draws one’s attention to those solutions that along the growing challenges of urban life can turn the sole metropolis of Hungary into a livable place.

The Budapest Award of Excellence in Architecture, organized in the partnership of the Budapest Municipality, the Budapest Chamber of Architects and the Lechner Knowledge Center (supported by the Budapest Chamber of Architects and the Deputy State Secretary of Architecture, Construction and Monument Conservation in the Prime Minister’s Office), attempts to explore and embrace every aspect of the value-adding nature of architecture, to hoist the good and exemplary solutions, the outstanding quality and to show example through acknowleding these.


The Award Committee of 2021:


President: Gábor Kerpel-Fronius, Deputy Mayor of Smart City and Participation, Budapest Municipality



Zoltán Erő, architect, Chief Architect and Head of the Urban Planning Department of the Budapest Municipality

Sándor Bardóczi, landscape architect, Chief Landcsape Architect of Budapest

Balázs Csapó, architect and president of the Budapest Chamber of Architects

László Benczúr, architect

Csaba Nagy, architect

Noémi Soltész, architect

Zoltán Neville, architect