Book launch: Pictures Only series, Városháza Publishing, 2020

book launch

December 16, 2020 Wednesday

discussion partners: Gábor Zsigmond, Deputy Director of Hungarian Technical and Transportation Museum, Zoltán Molnár photographer, Benedek Varga photographer, László Sebestyén photographer and series editor, and Gabriella Uhl art historian, the author of the volume

The discussion is available on the FUGA YouTube channel:

Under the auspices of Városháza Publishers started the Pictures Only album series whose latest volumes shed lights on the hidden treasures of Budapest. The new three albums take a look at the city in different moments of time and in points of view. Lóránd Eötvös, physician-science organizer-renowned hiker: the immortalization of his beloved city, the dynamically developing, multifaceted, expanding Budapest cannot be missing from his wide perspective. His late 19th century stereoscopic photographs of the capital are peculiar examples of cultural and technical histories. The series of Zoltán Molnár guides us in the present, into the subculture of Józsefváros, into that world of colorfulness and poverty that belongs to every metropolis. His humane photos address the fragile human lives with understanding. The street photos of Benedek Varga are seemingly lighter, showing the delightful and colorful side of Budapest. The ghost of spontaneous freedom is sensible throughout the images of the Budapest-lover photographer.