Book launch


January 19, 2022 | Wednesday | 17:00

András Czeglédi: Uchronia and its surroundings

Typotex Kiadó, 2022


The works collected into the volume are discussing the uchronia, the uchronic mindset. Even though non-exhaustively and avoiding complete historical recollection, but this is the first Hungarian volume specifically targeting this topic. The author is not solely up to delineate the relevant philosophical sources and references but also attempts to set and use individual theoretical and intellectual historic applications. The book is divided into two parts. The introductory study construes uchronia in a broader setting as a peculiar ‘never-timely’ phenomenon, while the following essays analyze the central lifeblood of uchronia – namely, the interrogation of the perception of the history running on an inescapable path; or with other words the possible re-conquest of the present – through the works of Kant, Kafka and Bibó. The second part examines the uchronic aspects of the philosophy of Nietzsche. On the first hand, the focus here is on the philosopher’s perspectivism, while on the other hand, it is laid on a specific Russian, Dostoyevsky-induced influence, and on some aesthetic and eternalist theories of Nietzsche.


The author:

András Czeglédi is an associate professor of the Philosophy Faculty at the University of Szeged; is the editor and publisher of literary journal 2000. He is first and foremost a professional of modern and contemporary aesthetics, of philosophy of history and idea, especially regarding the nexus of Nietzsche and uchronia.