Ansnitt Film Club


Monday, 3 February 2020, 18.30

From foundation to masks. Hair-Makeup-Masks-Prosthetics Series winter/spring

Event series by Film-Virage Kulturális Egyesület

Valan – Az angyalok völgye ∙ Valan: Valley of Angels (Bagota Béla 2019, 98’)

guests: Hortobágyi Ernella, makeup artist, Bagota Béla, director

Before Valan, Béla Bagota had already made a name for himself as an assistant director in films like the Heavenly Shift, Swing or Lajkó: Gypsy in Space, which was recently screened at Ansnitt Filmklub. His first self-directed movie, Valan: The Valley of the Angels is a tense psychological thriller, whose protagonist, Péter (Csaba Krisztik), sees his own lost sister in every missing woman who he investigates as a police officer. A phone call to Valan, a snow-capped mining town in Romania: they may have found her sister’s body …

Creating a natural and authentic feel was not an easy task for hair and makeup. Natural makeup is not an easily achievable look, let alone in winter, in the mountains at -15 ° C, when one’s complexion is completely altered by the cold. It was also quite a challenge to make the actors look younger for scenes that take place in the past and to match child actors’ looks to the adults’. In order to authentically portray the late 1980s, the hairstyles also had to match the fashion of the times. On top of all that, it was important to show wounds and injuries in a way that is powerful but not exaggerated.

All films are either subtitled or dubbed in Hungarian

Participation is free but subject to registration. You can send a registration e-mail until 5 pm on the day of the screening to Please enter the title of the movie as the subject, and the name of the person or persons you want to register in the message body. Please arrive 15 minutes before the screening.

 sponsor: National Cultural Fund of Hungary