And then the picture stirs

fine arts

25 09 2021. / Saturday / 16:30

Program of the Panorama 2021 History of Art Festival


moderator: art historian Monika Perenyei (BTK Institute of Art History)



Márta Czene, art historian

Gusztáv Hámos, Berlin-based director and media artist

Péter Mátrai, architect and composer

Ágnes Uray-Szépfalvi, artist


And then the picture stirs is closely associated with the section of the same name within the Panorama 2021 conference. The theme is the common in the two programs with the same name: about our pictures, but mostly about our pictures made on artistic purpose in cinematographic context, seen in the frame of a medially complex film. The staging of the medial trespassing between the motion picture and stills will be presented – in comparison with the conference – in a more casual way, with the help of screening accompanied by a talk. We can obtain a glimpse into the still and film works Márta Czene, just as into the origin history of the animatic works by Ágnes Uray-Szépfalvy, into two less known oeuvres of two artists primarily known by their paintings and drawings. We can get to know the inspirational background of the photo films of the Berlin-based media artist couple, Gusztáv Hámos and Katja Pratschke, we can meet woth the creative methods of the multifold artist László Révész in filmmaking and performance, and we will be offered with an insight into the pictorial world, to the photo-based works and to the rhythm-pulsing, acoustic photo sequences of the architect-composer Péter Mátrai. On this late afternoon program, we will embark on a path beyond the theoretical questions towards the corners of the less tangible visual thinking and we might move forward to the exciting possibilities of new forms of narrative methodologies. We will see. To warm up, one should raise seemingly simple questions, like why the picture should move, and the motion picture is indeed in motion?