Allan Siegel: Close Encounters of the Food Kind

fine arts

Wednesday, 12th June 2019 at 18.00

Allan Siegel: Close Encounters of the Food Kind: Cities, Public Space and Democracy

Exhibition and book launch

publisher:, 2018

opened by: Miklós Peternák

open until: 2019 07 12

“Close Encounters of the Food Kind” celebrates the importance of market halls and local food markets as vital public spaces. Using images and historical commentary, the book traces the evolution of the market hall from ancient Greece through the present day. It describes the role of the Athenian agora as a social space that fostered forms of discourse basic to a democracy.

With Budapest market places as central sites, “Close Encounters of the Food Kind” illustrates a thread that links together other notable sites from across Europe; with photographs and analysis, the book describes how, whether in large cities or villages, market places continue to maintain a crucial position in the local food chain as well as a society’s political life.