Dick Tracy (1990) / Warren BEATTY (dir.); Milena CANONERO (costume)

Ansnitt Filmclub – Costume Workshop 
Film-Virage Cultural Association

7pm 7th May, 2018

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Warren BEATTY‘s film is a real delight for cinema lovers. The filmmaker’s main goal was to faithfully capture the bright colors and exaggerated buildings and characters of the original comic books created by Chester GOULD. BEATTY gathered amazing talents: among the actors we have Al PACINO, Dustin HOFFMANN, MADONNA and James CAAN, the set was designed by Richard SYLBERT (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf, Chinatown) and the cameraman was renowned Italian artist Vittorio STORARO (Apocalypse Now, The Last Emperor). The film’s unique world would not be complete without Milena CANONERO‘s costumes. During her career, she worked with such legends as Stanley KUBRICK, Francis Ford COPPOLA, or Roman POLANSKI. CANONERO‘s philosophy is that costumes must become an integral part of a film’s visual world and they must contribute to the characters. In the case of Dick Tracy, CANONERO was inspired by the styles of the 30s and 40s, as well as German expressionist paintings, in addition to thoroughly studying the original comics.

Márk ZALÁN – film historian, film critic; lecturer at Pázmány Péter Catholic University’s Institute of Communication and Media Studies; lecturer, program organizer

Ansnitt Filmklub’s new series Costume Workshop explores the field of costume design through Hungarian and foreign examples. During the pre-screening introduction and the subsequent lectures, we will discuss film-making processes, seeking answers to the following questions in specific: What is the costume designer’s job? Who do costume designers need to cooperate with before and during the production? Where does their inspiration come from? How well do costume designers need to know the film’s story and characters?

All films are either subtitled or dubbed in Hungarian. 
Participation is free but is subject to registration. You can register until 5 pm on the day of the screening at the following email address: In the subject box, enter the title of the current movie, and in the text box, the name of the person or persons you want to register. Please arrive 15 minutes before the screening.

Sponsor: National Cultural Fund of Hungary

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